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Sam & Louie’s Franchise Recognition

Recognized by 1851 Magazine

Sam & Louie’s Recognized In 1851 Franchise’s November List Issue
1851 Franchise’s Annual List Issue Features Emerging and Established Franchise Brands at the Forefront of a Number of Industry Segments

Omaha, Nebraska – Sam & Louie’s was recently included in 1851 Franchise’s List Issue, an annual ranking of the industry’s chief players in a number of categories. This year, 1851 recognized the top 10 emerging and established franchise brands in 22 different segments within the franchise industry. Sam & Louie’s was included in the Emerging category.

”The brands include in 1851 Franchise’s List Issue have done a lot to influence the industry over the last year,” said 1851 Publisher Nick Powills. “By recognizing both emerging and established brands in each of these segments, we were able to showcase how the world of franchising is changing and the companies that contributed valuably to the wave of growth and innovation the industry is experiencing.”

”To determine the emerging and established franchise brands in each of the 22 different segments, 1851 assessed unit count, development efforts, marketing campaigns, consumer engagement, brand advancements and more. Sam & Louie’s inclusion on the list demonstrates the quality and competitiveness of its service offering and business model in its segment and the industry at large.”

To view Sam & Louie’s in the full listing, visit https://1851franchise.com/top-pizza-franchises-under-50-units-2708365

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Thank you for reading. To get more information on opening your own Sam & Louie’s Franchise, visit SamandLouiesPizza.com/Franchise.