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Learn How to Hand Toss Pizza Dough Like a Pro

Hand Tossed PizzaTrust me, as the one who has hit more than one ceiling tile and fellow employee, trying to learn the technique of hand tossed pizza dough is no easy feat.  It takes practice, timing and skill. But why throw dough in the first place?

Sam & Louie’s has been hand tossing pizza dough for over 20 years for a deliciously good reason.  Tossing pizza dough before swirling on savory sauce and adding tempting toppings is the best way to stretch the dough without tearing or poking holes in it.  Tossed dough also retains moisture, eliminating dry crust, yet creating a crispy New York delicacy.  Lastly, a hand tossed dough will form a better, more uniformed crust which is vital when doling out evenly sized slices to hungry siblings.

The question remains…just how does one correctly throw pizza dough?
Here a few tips to get you started should you wish to get your creative juices – or more appropriately sauces – flowing.

  • Step 1: Slap dough ball back and forth creating a flatter dough shape.
  • Step 2: Drape dough on fist, then spin like you would a Frisbee.
  • Step 3: Rotate your arm (with fist holding dough) in a circular motion, raise your arm as you gain momentum.
  • Step 4: Release the dough upwards, gentle at first as to not hurl across the kitchen.
  • Step 5: Catch the dough with fist, working your way up to catching on fingertips (for more experienced artists).
  • Step 6: Repeat until you get to the perfect size and shape.

It is important to remember, pizza dough tossing perfection, for most, will take time.  But never give up, never give in as the rewards of a tantalizing pizza will be well worth the reward.  And if success eludes you, just call Sam & Louie’s!

 – Leah Parodi, Sam & Louie’s Event Catering & Marketing Outreach Coordinator