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Community Relationships

When it comes to providing food for your family, friends, customers and clients, catering and restaurant options in most cities and towns are top-notch and plentiful.  With such great competition out there, we find that the relationships we create with our guests (in addition to our first rate service and delicious food) help us grow our business, solidify our current relationships and create new ones.

What is it exactly about our team that bonds us so well to our guests? 
We are a fairly good-looking group so that could be one reason!  While we are funny, charming, delightful, charismatic and humble, we are also hardworking and going that extra mile is nothing new to us.  We are parents and grandparents.  We are your age; staffed with tenacious teenagers and youthful seniors.  These are our cities and towns and our children go to school here, we work, play, pray and love here.

We’re family.  The owner and president of Sam & Louie’s, Greg Nolan, works side by side with his adult children, Melissa and Michael, in running the business.  Our franchisees are like family; we all share in our lives celebrations, tribulations and sorrows.

We’re active in our communities.
 We are members of and supporters of our community in churches, schools and charitable organizations.  Especially to those who have been a customer, whether it be for 20 years or 20 minutes.  We do this is a variety of ways from a simple gift certificate donation to all day fundraisers in one of our restaurants.  Our philosophy is simple; we will pay it forward.

Relationships matter.
Maybe our relationships with our guests is made up of all of the above, plus one more.  Gratitude.  We are truly grateful to a community that has been like family to us.  You have shared your birthdays, weddings, triumphs, losses and lives with us.  It is that special bond, that very special relationship with you that makes us truly honored to be your restaurant, caterer and so much more.