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What Your Pizza Order Says about You

You may not know it, but the way a person eats says a lot about who they are as a person. Pizza is especially telling. And yes, we’re totally serious. Totally. Serious. So if you’re curious to find out what your favorite pizza topping says about you, then keep reading!


You’re likely both dependable and traditional. There is nothing you appreciate like uncomplicated simplicity. What’s more, you’re probably a fan of Marie Kondo—her book and her show on Netflix! Cheese pizza lovers likely follow a more minimalist lifestyle and you tend to be cautious with decisions. Are you picky about what you eat? How about regarding what you wear or who you spend time with? It’s likely that this doesn’t change very often. People appreciate you because you’re trustworthy, you’ll always be there when you’re needed, and are one of the best friends someone can possibly have!


You’ve got an air of class about you. It’s likely you enjoy your pizza almost as much as you enjoy the glass of wine you poured yourself as your dinner beverage. You’re a moralist, often finding yourself caught up in conversations about politics and the environment. Always one to spark a conversation, people love being around you because they know they’ll be engaged in easy, interesting conversation. You wouldn’t hesitate to split your pizza with a good friend—which makes everyone like you even more!


Pepperoni lovers…oh pepperoni lovers. You are the easiest type of person to love, always filled with laughter and jokes. Whether you decided at the age of three that pepperoni was your favorite pizza topping and you’ve stuck with it ever since—or you’ve more recently come around to it—chances are you’ve always had that little extra spark that draws people to you! You wouldn’t hesitate to talk to your friends all night over a piping hot pie and a few cans of beer or soda! Conversation will never get too deep or heavy with you—you can depend on pepperoni pizza lovers to always keep it light and fun!

Pineapple (& maybe with Ham too)

Pineapple pizza lovers—what can be said about them? No matter—they’ll probably tell us themselves! Someone that orders pineapple pizza is always down for some friendly debate. In fact, you were probably on the debate team in high school! You love playing devil’s advocate and you never shy away from a challenge. You’re also likely to encourage others to be a little more outgoing and to try new things! 

Veggie Delight

Veggie pizza lovers love living life a little bit outside the box. It’s likely that you’re a little more health conscious than other pizza eaters—which means you likely have a workout routine that’ll double in the morning after tonight’s delicious splurge! In addition to being dependable, chances are people love you because you’re also a little bit quirky. And whether you’re incredibly outgoing or more of the quiet type, you don’t have to worry—you’ll be able to make friends wherever you go because you’re never afraid to be yourself!

Meat Lovers

Hey meat lover! Do you bring a little bit of flavor to everything you do? Meat pizza lovers not only bring a splash of personality to everything, but they’re happy to also provide for others and are constantly striving to be better at all that they do! If you’re a meat lover, you likely want what is best for your friends and family and are the first to lend a hand—or a slice of pizza—in a crisis.

No matter what pizza toppings you love, know that we love each and every one of you!

-Sam & Louie’s