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Why Eating Italian Food Family Style Is The Best

Picture a swanky restaurant. Linen napkins, more utensils than you know what to do with, a maître de looking down his nose at you. Sure, the cuisine is great, even if the portions are tiny, but what’s missing? The fun, of course! Fine Dining may be good to do once in a while, but the real fun for the whole family is getting together at your favorite local restaurant, ordering affordable Italian food, and dining family-style.

So what is it? Family-style dining is a casual style of food ordering where you order big plates of different dishes for everyone to share. It’s big bowls of pasta, soup, breadsticks, and so on. Then, everyone shares and gets a chance to try everything! Which works out great when you want to try everything on the menu, right? Here are the top four reasons dining family style is the best.

Ever have that feeling when the server puts your plate down, and you realize, your spouse or sibling’s dish is more what you’re craving? When you’re eating Italian food family style, that food jealousy gone in an instant. Family style dishes are shared, and everyone has a chance to sample, if not enjoy, everything. And if you find something you like, even if it was just a spoonful, you can order more for yourself. No need to have buyer’s remorse, (or is it orderer’s remorse?) it’s a sampling party!

We’re all working hard all week, whether we’re in college classes or on business travel, and being “on” and polite and put together all the time is hard work. By the time Friday night rolls around, you’re pooped and ready to just relax. Dining family style is the perfect way to unwind. No need to remember your manners, (aside from please and thank you, of course) no need to figure out the salad fork from your dinner fork. Instead, kick back, relax, and help yourself to a bevy of fantastic fresh Italian food selections.

Don’t you hate it when a swanky restaurant’s portions are just too small? Not the case when you’re having family-style Italian dining! Pass the pasta and the minestrone, the insalata and of course the desserts. When you’re sharing plates with big portions, nobody’s going home hungry, and when such a variety of options are available, you’re more likely than not to enjoy everything you’re trying. And maybe even some things you haven’t tried yet! And as we all know; a well-fed family is a happy family.

When you’re dining Italian family style, gone is the stiff upper-crusty feeling of some luxe establishments. Instead your family can feel more at home, to laugh together and make memories, to enjoy each other’s company (and maybe a little red wine) as well as the variety of different kinds of Italian dishes.

So there are the top four reasons why dining family style is the best. Are you hungry yet? Get the kids in the car and head to Sam and Louie’s for some pizza, pasta, wings, and salad. There’s no way you won’t enjoy yourselves. Mangia!