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What is New York Style Pizza?


The New York way is the Sam & Louie’s way

At Sam & Louie’s, we’re all about tradition. And our tradition is New York style pizza.

Pizza has a long and storied history, but New York’s way of making it is something we’re committed to bringing our customers day in and day out.

New York style pizza has a specific look, a specific feel, and, most importantly, a specific taste.

What is New York style pizza?

Generations of New York pizza makers adhere to these specifications.

The crust, the foundation, is both thin and crispy. This is achieved by hand-tossing the dough until it’s a large, thin circle for your ingredients.

Cheese and sauce are also crucial components of a New York style pizza. The cheese is mozzarella– it’ll turn golden brown and bubble just the way you like it.

And the sauce is fresh, delicious tomato sauce. You know, the kind made out of real tomatoes.

From there, the pizza is cooked in a very, very hot oven for a short period of time. That’s how the bottom gets crispy and cheese gets nice and bubbly.

To Fold or Not to Fold?

Since New York style pizza is thin, that means it’s very pliable, or bendable. This makes for a pizza that’s easy to fold.

And in New York City, you fold your pizza. That’s just how it works. If you don’t fold, you’ll hear about it.

But at Sam & Louie’s, fold if you want, or don’t! Eat it the way you’ll enjoy it most.

Sounds simple, right?

Making New York style pizza takes practice, but we’ve got the process down and we’re very proud of the way we do things.

Want an inside look? Here’s how we make our dough.

Toss it high!

Good dough is the foundation for a good pizza, so this process is very important to us. And we’ve got over 20 years of experience doing it.

After we’ve chilled our homemade balls of dough, we go through the same process to make a perfect dough circle.

• Step 1: Slap dough ball back and forth creating a flatter dough shape.
• Step 2: Drape dough on fist, then spin like you would a frisbee.
• Step 3: Rotate your arm (with fist holding dough) in a circular motion, raise your arm as you gain momentum.
• Step 4: Release the dough upwards, gentle at first as to not hurl across the kitchen.
• Step 5: Catch the dough with fist, working your way up to catching on fingertips (for more experienced artists).
• Step 6: Repeat until you get to the perfect size and shape.

We love our pizza!

New York style is our inspiration and serves as the foundation for most of our pizzas. Sometimes there are exceptions– a few of our pizzas have a variety of cheeses on them. And some of our sauces use something other than a tomato base, like our pesto or Thai peanut sauce.

But rest assured. Your pizza will be large, thin and delicious, just the way they serve ‘em in New York.

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