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Five Reasons Why You Should Eat Out With Your Family

It’s Friday night, all the kids are home, Mom or Dad is back from their business trip, everyone’s tired, and you haven’t even been to the supermarket yet. Sound familiar? Sure, you could order via an expensive app, but instead why not turn your challenge into an opportunity and take the family out to dinner? Here are five great reasons why you should take your family out to eat tonight!

Quality Time:
In the business of the week, between work, school, homework, activities, and chores, there’s never any time to really sit down and connect with one another. So why not set a course for your favorite Italian restaurant (coughSamandLouie’scoughcough) to find the time to connect with each other. Around the table, enjoying delicious Italian food creates a space for everyone to share updates on their lives, their big worries, and yes, even their joys. There’s no opportunity to share with one another like around the dinner table. So skip the takeout in front of the television and instead make time to reconnect. Now pass the breadsticks and conversation!

Eating out together as a family is a guaranteed memory maker. From funny stories shared with one another across the table to trying a spicy sauce that makes Dad’s eyes water, memories are bound to happen when you head out to a fresh Italian dinner together as a family. Even better, call up the grandparents or aunts and uncles and make it a whole extended family adventure— or a great chance to catch up! You’ll be making memories around the table that you’ll never forget. And that’s priceless.

Experimental Food:
Eating out is a great opportunity to experiment with new foods and flavors without risking anybody going hungry. In a restaurant where every member of your family can order what they want, your kids and spouse can try something new and exciting, like cheeseburger pizza or thai peanut wings. And if it isn’t what they were hoping, there’s always a chance to order something else—spaghetti, anyone?

No Dishes:
That’s right, no matter how delicious your home-cooked meals are, at the end of the dinner, there’s always that looming cloud of dishes, loading the dishwasher, washing the pots and pans, and tidying up the kitchen. That’s bound to make the good feelings from even the tastiest home-cooked meals vanish in an instant. Instead, pass on the dish soap and sponges, and take your family out to dinner instead. No dishes to do, no plates to scrape, just an opportunity for you to enjoy each other’s company, and a delicious Italian dining experience!

Everyone is Satisfied!
No more worrying about how your daughter doesn’t eat meat, or your son has a gluten allergy. When you take the family out for dinner, the beauty of the menu allows for everyone to order whatever they like, leading to total family satisfaction! Dad can order the lasagna, Mom can get a hot bowl of mac and cheese, and your kids can order cheese pizza or meatball hoagies. Whatever everyone orders, delicious Italian cooking will leave everyone satisfied, and when does that ever happen at home—right?

There you have it, the five best reasons to eat out tonight with your family. So what are you waiting for? Grab your keys, toss the kids in the car, and head to Sam & Louie’s. You’ll be glad you did!