Getting Started

Get Your Slice of the Pie!

Franchise Timeline for opening in as soon as 120 days.

Day 1: Fill out franchise application and sign the FDD.
Day 15: Discovery day at the corporate office and tour of facilities
Day 20: If approved, a franchise is awarded, Franchise agreement signed and franchise fee paid
Day 30: Location selected and lease signed
Day 30-100: Construction in process
Day 80: Training begins at one of our approved training facilities
Day 110: Corporate crew arrives at your location to install furniture and equipment
Day 115: Corporate training crew arrives at location and begins on site training.
Day 120: OPEN and your piece of the profit pie begins.

While franchising may not be for everyone, it can be an ideal situation for the right person. These personality traits, in addition to sufficient financial backing and proper business experience, are essential to succeeding in the franchising world. If you see yourself in the descriptions below, chances are that you have the confidence, drive and motivation to be a successful franchise business owner. As you review this list, be honest with yourself. Do you already have each of these characteristics? If not, can you focus on applying yourself to developing and effectively portraying these characteristics through your actions?

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